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SUN SOKER -096-EditSunSoker Tours has been in business for a little over a year now. But do you know the story behind SunSoker Tours? You may be one of the lucky ones that have followed our journey on Facebook, if you happen to be a close friend or family member of Deb or myself (Erica). I want to share a little bit about what the last year has been like for the two of us (and our families) we like to share!

I might as well go all the way back to 2008 when I saw my first “Jeep Crush” it was a beautiful brand new Rubicon Moab painted black and accented in bright green, I was in love. Reality being what it was I would not be purchasing that Jeep or any Jeep for 7-8 more years (little did I know). I am pretty sure I had dreams about that Jeep, I even bought a Dodge Nitro and lifted it; hoping to fill the “Jeep void” in my soul, sadly to no avail. Fast forward to 2013- when I discovered yoga… I needed yoga. We (my family and I) were living (are living still) in North Dakota, winters are long and outdoor activities are limited. Yoga seemed to be a good challenging activity that would give me strength and peace (exactly what I needed) it seemed like a another void had been filled.

Deb has always been the fun one! She has had a 4 wheel drive vehicle since I can remember (we are sister). She would take me for drives in the fall through Cedar Mountain, Kolob, any place that had fall leaves. She would bring her camera and would photograph the trees, flowers, fences, anything that would hold still. All along the way she would tell stories about the Mountain Men or the Indians, the history of where ever ¬†we were exploring. As we began to have families of our own our excursions together became more frequent, loading up the kids and heading out to the Sand Dunes or the Cracks. Always listening to Deb’s stories as we went. She started learning about the plants and flowers, what was edible, what wasn’t. Over the years our trips with the kids became something that we all looked forward to. There is so much more to Deb’s story but I am the one telling it so you only get my version.

One day as Deb was driving around with the kids, explaining the history of the Pioneers, telling them all of the cool stories that she had compiled over the years; she realized… She was a tour guide! A good one too! Never an unhappy rider. If you were lucky enough to get an invitation and spend a day riding along with Deb, you never came back disappointing. In fact I started to view our drives as “therapy” it really was a healing process to get out there and just listen, explore and discover. If you know Deb personally you know exactly what I mean. The camping trips or even a ride out to the mud hills to build a fire.

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