Why Meditate Outdoors?

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As a mother of three young children, it seemed all of my time was spent indoors. The inside of our house was our sanctuary. I was always painting the walls calming colors and trying to decorate in a way that would “make me happy”. The condition of my home was very important, if there were repairs that needed to be made it would affect my “happiness” until they were completed. It seemed as though my well-being or joy was contingent on the state of my “sanctuary”. If the house was unclean or if there were people visitingĀ our home I would scan the floors, the walls and at times even our ceiling to catch the “flaws” before they were noticed by others.

What does this have to do with meditation? I became a very uptight individual. Constantly worried about my surroundings, were they clean? Were they perfect? Would someone notice? Would they judge me? Would they think that I was a bad mother or wife?
It wasn’t until I discovered Yoga and Meditation that I began to “learn” yes, LEARN how to let those feelings go.


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