National Parks in Utah

Did you know that there are only two other states in the whole union with more national parks than Utah? That’s right. When it comes to national parks, Utah ranks third on the list. When it comes to the coolest of national parks, well, we may be partial, but that’s where we think Utah ranks 1st.

From Arches to Zion

In Utah, they’re sometimes referred to as The Mighty Five. Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, and Zion National Park comprise an impressive list of Utah’s several epic destinations. And guess what? All these amazing parks are in southcentral or Southern Utah.

Of course, one of our very favorites is Zion National Park. It’s right in our own backyard. And the landscape around it is just as amazing as the park itself. From Smith’s Mesa to Little Creek, the views and surrounding nature are simply inspiring.

Add to this the possibilities that exist in the landscapes of Southern Utah and you have an ideal vacation destination for any time of the year. Perhaps you’re wondering what we mean by “possibilities”. Let’s put it this way: visiting the area to see that landscape is a great experience in and of itself, but visiting the area both to see the breathtaking views and to play among them is even better.


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