Guided and Instructed Yoga Tours

Yoga is great indoors. Yoga is great outdoors. Yoga is good on your own. Yoga is good with friends. While it sounds like the beginnings of a children’s book on yoga, it’s not. Instead, it’s simply the way SunSöker Tours feels about the practice, and for that reason, the company has committed to offering our yogis even more.

A Yoga Instructor for the Great Outdoors

SunSöker Tours is the exclusive yoga tour organization of Southern Utah. Our focus lies in providing unforgettable and well-accommodated yoga tours in some of the state’s most picturesque and inspiring landscapes. Southern Utah is the perfect place to take a break from the studio and get out in a setting where imagining yourself in a beautiful and serene location is no longer necessary.

“The essence behind our yoga tours is the experience and rejuvenation participants receive from them,” said Erica Leach, co-founder of SunSöker Tours.  “It’s fine to do yoga at home or in a studio, but until you’ve practiced your yoga in a remote and serene location, you haven’t experienced yoga to its fullest.”


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