The 2015 Huntsman World Senior Games

Southern Utah has been an exciting place to be over the last week. Frankly, it’s always an exciting place to be, but with the Huntsman World Senior Games to add to the mix, it’s all the greater a place to be.

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This Year’s Games

The Huntsman World Senior Games are more than underway this in St. George, right in our own backyard. The games this year run from October 5th through the 17th. So we’re already in the thick of it all. The Huntsman World Senior Games have been around since 1987. Of course, back then they were simple known as the World Senior Games. The games were founded by Daisy and John H. Morgan Jr. Their vision of health and activity among the world’s 55 and older has carried into today’s games as strong as it ever was.

It was in 1989 when John Huntsman became involved as the organization’s principle sponsor, and now, today, the games bare his name and join with his own initiate for health and wellness among our senior citizens.

“The Huntsman World Senior Games are a big deal to us.” That’s what Erica Leach, cofounder of our tour organization, had to say. “At SunSöker Tours, we champion the same ideal with our yoga tours, cycling tours, and many other tour options. Accommodating the active lifestyle is a big deal for us, so naturally, the Huntsman World Senior Games are too, especially since there right out our backdoor every year.”

This year’s games have brought over 10,000 senior athletes to St. George to compete in a variety of sports. Apparently, that’s even more athletes than the London Olympics had in attendance. From archery to swimming, tennis, track and field, baseball, basketball, cycling, and many others, the games play host to 28 different sporting competitions for the athletes to compete in.

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