Kolob Terrace Road: A Place of Sheer Beauty

Of all the roads in Southern Utah that one could travel, Kolob Terrace Road is perhaps one of the most picturesque of them all. So if you have it in your plans at any time to pay us a visit down here, driving Kolob Terrace Road is one of the best things to do in Utah.


Scenes from Kolob Terrace RoadScenes from Kolob Terrace RoadZion National Park from the Other Side

Many who have visited Southern Utah are familiar with the famous Zion National Park. They may be familiar with many of the hikes through the rocky landscape, the roads that traverse their way through the monolithic formations of stone. But it’s probably safe to say that there are fewer people familiar with magnificence of Kolob Terrace Road. To some people, Kolob Terrace Road is affectionately known as Zion from the Other Side. If you were headed south on I-15 you would take the Hurricane exit, Exit 16, which puts you right onto SR 9 toward Hurricane and Laverkin. As you pass through Hurricane, SR 9 turns north into Laverkin, where it soon turns east again toward Virgin, UT.

It’s in the small town of Virgin, UT that you access the amazing Kolob Terrace Road. In the middle of this unassuming place, you turn off SR 9 north again onto a road that seems like any other in the area. However, once you’ve traveled on Kolob Terrace Road for a few miles, you soon realize it’s not. Expect breathtaking images that create a serene and memorable experience. Expect to feel inspired and even empowered as you pass by scenes of green fields, red rock, and clear blue skies that seem as clean and clear as your mind will during your travels.

Kolob Terrace Road certainly holds a special place in our hearts, and it is especially beautiful this time of year. So get out and enjoy the road, and let us know if you want to venture beyond the pavement and into the amazing country surrounding it. After all, that sort of thing is our specialty.

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