Flooding in Hildale and Zion National Park

Tragedy struck the communities of Southern Utah this past week when flash flooding took the lives of individuals in Zion National Park and Hildale. We offer our deepest condolences here to all those families who have suffered so much loss and grief.


In Memory of Those Who Lost So MuchHildale, Utah

The reports of missing persons first starting coming in from Hildale, UT a few days ago, as powerful flood waters ripped through the small community and its neighboring town to the south, Colorado City. Tragically, thirteen women and children lost their lives to the floods that heaved over the Short Creek Wash, a river that runs through both Hildale and Colorado City.

The emotional toll on the families that lost loved ones to this disaster is something that no words here or anywhere else could adequately describe. In response to this tragic loss, communities both in Southern Utah, the entire state, and around the nation have offered their sympathies and condolences. Vigils are reported to be in the planning, but the authorities are still looking for the missing body of Tyson Lucas Black.

We offer our thoughts, hope, and prayers for all the families affected by this. We hope that Tyson’s body will be found soon so that his family can have closure and begin the difficult process of healing. It’s with tears that we, as parents ourselves, ponder on such a heart-wrenching experience. Our hearts go out to all those families who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.


Zion National Park

It wasn’t long after news came from Hildale that the same tragedy began to roll in from Zion National Park. Heavy flooding swept through Keyhole Canyon, one of the more popular slot canyons in the park, and took a toll on seven lives. These two combined incidents are said to be the biggest weather-related tragedies in all of Utah’s history. With equal remorse, our hearts go out to those who lost their live in Zion that day, and the families left grieving over their tragic absence.

“We’re just so heart-broken by all of this,” said Deb Shearer, one of our co-founders. “Our hearts and prayers are with those families that have suffered such great loss. So many are down here doing what they can to help, providing meals for the affected families and the search parties. The community has really pulled together to help out.”

If you want to know what you can do to help, call the Colorado City Fire Department at: (325) 728-5252.

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