SunSöker Tours Revolutionizes the Tour Industry in Southern Utah

Here’s a recent press release we put out, in case you want to read it here instead of elsewhere:

IMG_1678 (2)HURRICANE, UT – September 2nd, 2015 – Southern Utah gained another tour organization this year when SunSöker Tours opened their doors back in June. But the SunSöker organization isn’t your average tour group either. Since their inception only three months ago, the sister-led company has already managed to generate some real buzz down south.

“When we set out to create SunSöker Tours, we did so with a determination to make it very different from your common tour company,” said Erica Leach, co-founder of SunSöker Tours. “We truly customize our approach to touring Southern Utah’s beautiful landscape, and we do so with each individual in mind, making it all about the experience.”

SunSöker Tours offers scenic tours to all major regions of Southern Utah including: Smith Mesa, Gooseberry Mesa, Mollies Nipple, LaVerkin Creek Falls, Little Creek, and others. In addition to the custom scenic tours the company provides, they are also the exclusive provider of Stash Quest Tours.

“Stash Quest Tours are a lot of fun,” said Deb Shearer, co-founder and managing partner. “It’s a great way to get the whole family involved. Participants use GPS technology to hunt for souvenirs in the wilderness of Southern Utah. I mean, what kid, or adult for that matter, wouldn’t be interested in a treasure hunt?”

Scenic tours and treasure hunts alike make SunSöker Tours a great option for getting out and enjoying the beauties of Southern Utah, but it doesn’t stop there. SunSöker Tours is also the only tour organization in the region that offers custom yoga and meditation tours.

IMG_1641 (2)“There’s a lot of peace and serenity to be found in the wide-open spaces of Southern Utah,” Erica said. “One of the first things any yoga instructor will tell you is to picture yourself in a beautiful and quiet location. Well, if you come with us, there’s no need to picture anymore. It’s our privilege to help others connect with the beauty in Southern Utah. That’s why everything we do is focused on building experiences that will last forever.”

SunSöker Tours offers tours year round in an enclosed Jeep with AC, comfortable seating, and heating for the winter months. Same day tours are offered upon availability, private tours are also an option, and family tours are always welcomed. For more information on SunSöker Tours and their competitive pricing go to

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