Yoga Tours in the Beauty of Southern Utah

One of the first things any yoga instructor will tell you is to imagine yourself in some beautiful and peaceful location. This, of course, is important for more reasons than one. But how cool would it be to actually be in that beautiful and peaceful place, without having to imagine you’re there?


IMG_1258You Don’t Have to Picture Yourself There Anymore

That’s right; with SunSöker yoga tours, picturing yourself in a beautiful and serene location is no longer necessary, because we take you there. Presence is so important for yoga and other forms of meditation, and that’s why we focus on providing the perfect experience for you in the perfect place. Imagine (you’ll just have to imagine until you come visit us) practicing your yoga atop a cliff overlooking the majestic Kolob Terrace. Your surroundings are so quiet you can hear a pin drop. The breeze seems to be the only movement present, and as you close your eyes to listen closer, you feel as though your mind is woven into the tapestry of the landscape. You’ve connected with the earth, the universe, and all creation it would seem.

IMG_1105 (2)Experiences like this are what SunSöker yoga tours are all about. The scenes inspire, and the experience lasts forever. Unwind, distressed, find inner peace, and then repeat. It’s as simple as making the commitment to do so, and then booking a tour with us. What’s more, because of our presence in Southern Utah, all our tours are offered year round. So whether you find yourself stuck in the wintery weather of northern Utah, or you live locally and need an escort to the most breath-taking places in the region, we’re here to assist and accommodate you every step of the way.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, our yoga tours allow everyone the chance to breathe in the pure mountain air and center their minds and bodies in some of the most beautiful and iconic locations on the planet. Additionally, your guide can even provide you with a flip chart of common yoga sequences that are designed to wake up your body and target all of the places that need space and life breathed backed into them. All this, plus a mat, some water, and plenty of time left to do your yoga, make our yoga tours a must for any yogi.

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